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JimmyLee and Bambi Show - July 26, 2014 - Articles

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Former astronaut Henry “Hank” Hartsfield Jr. Dies at 80 | Maine News
HIDDEN packet sniffer spy tech in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert • The Register
Russia spotted editing Wikipedia page about downed Malaysia Air jet | The Verge
James Garner Rest In Peace | 5 Buck Review
James Garner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Louise Fletcher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lobbying | OpenSecrets
Filmmaker Ridley Scott is tackling a Phillip K. Dick project for Amazon
To stop U.S. companies from defecting, cure the symptom first and the cause second - The Washington Post
Black Hat USA 2013 | Briefings
Black Hat presentation on TOR suddenly cancelled - Computerworld
Verizon Gets Snarky, But Basically Admits That It's The One Clogging Its Networks On Purpose | Techdirt
Verizon Wireless to slow down users with unlimited 4G LTE plans | Ars Technica
Verizon leads top wireless carriers in bill size, at $148 a month | Ars Technica
Verizon revenue rises steadily, driven by wireless service growth - Computerworld
Comcast Ramps Up Ad Campaign Claiming To Support Net Neutrality, Even As It Really Supports Killing It | Techdirt
FCC Tells ISPs That They Better Be Transparent... Or Else It Will Taunt Them Again | Techdirt
Bose files lawsuit against Beats over patent infringement | VentureBeat | Gadgets | by Kia Kokalitcheva
Court allows use of “stingray” cell tracking device in murder case | Ars Technica
'Nadella Effect' makes Ballmer $2.8B richer - Computerworld
Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block - ProPublica
Stealthy Web tracking tools pose increasing privacy risks to users - Computerworld
Goodwill Industries probes possible payment card breach - Computerworld
Amazon's Fire Phone is a nice piece of gear, with some not-very-useful parlor tricks | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Mark Sullivan
OS X Yosemite public beta nears release - Computerworld
Apple has acquired BookLamp and its book recommendation engine | VentureBeat | Business | by Mark Sullivan
Apple Granted Patent For 'iTime' Smartwatch Design - Forbes
Report: Apple's new iPhone 6 could have biggest initial production | PCWorld
Solar ‘superstorm’ missed Earth in 2012 — but another could stike |
Has Microsoft finally realized PCs are different than tablets? | Network World
Tablet Shipments Fall for the First Time | News & Opinion |
Apple’s iPhone and iOS security and privacy flaws uncovered | BGR
Feathered plant-eating dinosaur found - Technology & Science - CBC News
NASA upgrades humanoid robot in space - Computerworld
Want an Apple watch? Just 3D print one - Computerworld
Humans Already Use Way, Way More Than 10 Percent of Their Brains - Sam McDougle - The Atlantic
Zero-day flaws in Tails aren't for sale, broker says - Computerworld
Meet Executive Order 12333: The Reagan rule that lets the NSA spy on Americans - The Washington Post
[tor-talk] Cancelled black hat talk
Apple grows Mac sales by 18% on the back of the MacBook Air - Computerworld
Living Cube: Multi-Functional Furnishing Provides a 'Home in a Box' Solution | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
PUPS are Persistent | Malwarebytes Unpacked
Apple details iOS diagnostics capabilities in answer to 'backdoor' services allegations
The Dutch Windmill : tradition
9/11 Commission's '10 Years Later' Report: The Only Problem With US Counterterrorism Efforts Is The General Public | Techdirt
Researchers identify possible glitch in Antarctic ice measurements | Ars Technica
Massive impacts show asteroid has deep crust | Ars Technica
Researchers learn about gas-giant cores by hammering diamond with lasers | Ars Technica