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JimmyLee and Bambi Show - November 8, 2014 - Articles

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Isaac Asimov and Stephen King: A Few Words Between Fellow Writers | Jamie Todd Rubin
National Novel Writing Month
BBC News - No drugs in Robin Williams suicide
This Day in History — — What Happened Today in History
Margaret Mitchell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bram Stoker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vlad the Impaler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Patti Page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Today in Dick Clark's American Bandstand History @
Today in Beatles History @
9 People You May Not Know Were WWII Veterans — HISTORY Lists
Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras via default passwords
FBI says agent impersonated AP reporter
Whistleblower protection case reaches US Supreme Court | Courage Foundation
Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde: 'In prison, you become brain-dead' | Technology | The Guardian
FindTheBest Wins Again: Patent Troll Hit With Double Fee Award | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Suspicious cyber activity at White House detected, addressed - Yahoo News
Hackers breach some White House computers - The Washington Post
With the Americas running out of IPv4, it’s official: The Internet is full | Ars Technica
IPv4 Exhaustion Gets Real – Microsoft Runs Out Of U.S. Addresses For Azure Cloud – Time To Move To IPv6! | Deploy360 Programme
Alaska storm becomes strongest in Bering Sea history
How NOT to do PC searches: Experts explain dangers of Rule 41 changes
ACLU on Executive Order 12333: NSA may be laughing at your sex tape | Network World
Stealthy malware uses Gmail drafts as command and control to steal data | Network World
8 Acts of Pure Spite Happening Behind the Scenes of Marvel Movies - Dorkly Post
Witness to History: Reporters Recall the Berlin Wall’s Fall | TIME
Freedom! The Berlin Wall | TIME
Building A Space Base, Part 2: How Much Money Would It Take?
Apple borrowing billions to pay shareholders is everything wrong with capitalism today - The Washington Post
WAL-MART: Here's Why We Don't Support Apple Pay
Slow Cooker Recipes And Meals -
15 Unique Slow Cooker Recipes
Easy One-Pot Meals -
20 Best Soup Recipes And Ideas -
Gas-Spewing Icelandic Volcano Stuns Scientists - Scientific American
Early voting problems arise in Cook County suburbs -
12 of the best new features in Android Lollipop | The Verge
T-Mobile quietly hardens part of its U.S. cellular network against snooping - The Washington Post
Salem College professor Spring-Serenity Duvall banned students from emailing and got more engagement from class.
TaxProf Blog: NYU Technology Prof Bans Student Use of Technology in His Classroom
Ferrari hit with lawsuit for taking over Facebook fan page | Ars Technica
How do open source tools stay secure?
Swedish hacker finds 'serious' vulnerability in OS X Yosemite | Macworld
PDFMerge! - Merge PDF files online for free.
How Cybercriminals can Steal Money from Malware-infected ATMs - Intralinks CollaboristaBlog
Contactless cards fail to recognise foreign currency - Press Office - Newcastle University
Ford Police Cruisers Now Tattle When Cops Drive Like Jerks | WIRED
Active “WireLurker” iPhone infection ushers in new era for iOS users | Ars Technica
Horrible Apple iOS virus; vectored via USB: WireLurker is 'new brand of threat' [u] | Computerworld
WireLurker: A New Era in OS X and iOS Malware - Palo Alto Networks BlogPalo Alto Networks Blog
Wi-Fi password - “one second” hack allows attackers into many routers
Raspberry Pi Annual on sale today | Linux User & Developer - the Linux and FOSS mag for a GNU generation
California Voters Deal Blow To Prisons, Drug War
The Rise and Fall of Diaspora, Would-Be Facebook Challenger - US News
BBC News - Uruguay's Jose Mujica gets $1m offer for his VW Beetle
Learn how Netflix designs its mobile apps at Roadmap — Tech News and Analysis
Everything You Need to Know About Assassin's Creed Unity Before Launch - GameSpot