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JimmyLee and Bambi Show - Bambi Links - February 14, 2015 - Articles

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Windows 10 Coming to Raspberry Pi 2
Keurig 2.0 DRM Freedom Clip
Net neutrality wins: the FCC will propose strong Title II regulation | The Verge
The secret origins of Google's Chrome OS | ZDNet
New High-Tech Farm Equipment Is a Nightmare for Farmers | WIRED
draft-saarinen-blake2-01 - The BLAKE2 Cryptographic Hash and MAC
Verizon sells its Tampa Bay TV, Internet, landline phone services to Frontier | Tampa Bay Times
Verizon sells three-state territory, including 1.6 million FiOS users | Ars Technica
Health Experts Recommend Standing Up At Desk, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Seagate starts shipping 8TB hard drives that cost only $260