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JimmyLee and Bambi Show
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JimRadcliffe.com Memorial for JimmyLee - Rest in Peace - We Miss You So Much! -

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Latest Show archived: December 03, 2016

December 2006 - Includes the Surprise Christmas 2006 Suprise Party!
Thank you to all for making Christmas possible and so much fun since 2006!


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CNI Radio is a growing Internet Radio station
that provides computer/computer-related,
science and technology related
shows - 24/7 - 365 days a year.

A place to listen to shows about computers,
and computer related issues that affect our lives,
such as the Internet, software and hardware,
privacy issues, computer security, as well as other
computer, science, and technology related news and information.

CNI Radio strives to provide fun and informative live broadcasting, as well as some of the best replays of free or creative commons programming/podcasts, and some where we have been given explicit permission to rebroadcast either live or in replay format.

CNI also provides a little comedy for levity,
a little music for your entertainment,
and so much more.

Listen in* and check us out!

Check our Schedule for updates (updated 7/1/2009),
alternate ways to listen
or to troubleshoot listening issues.

Please also check out our Independent Artists page for
information on the music and comedy pieces that are played on CNI.

We hope CNI will provide some food for thought and discussion on
many issues relavent to all of us.

Come and join us in IRC Chat to discuss the shows
or simply chitchat about your day.

* Our stream is dialup friendly running at 16kbps.
If you have trouble with any newer Windows audio players
you can get a copy of Winamp.

Contribute to CNI Radio

Link to CNI Radio

Stand Up and Be Counted!


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