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Independent Artists

CNI Radio
Computer News & Information

CNI Radio is proud to bring you the following
Independent (Indie) Artists currently during the
JimmyLee and Bambi show on CNI Radio.

Soon to also be between the shows on our normal schedule.

Each artist has given their permission for CNI Radio to play
their music and/or comedy, or it is freely available for download.
Please, feel free to visit their websites listed
below for more information about their music and/or
comedy, and links to download and/or purchase their music.

  Jim Fidler - Click to go to website

Jim Fidler's website

Dawn Foster

Click the Dawn Foster image to go to her
MySpace/DawnFoster page

Dawn Foster's Facebook page

The Oohs

LLAMALAMP album - available now on TheOohs.com

The Oohs Website

They have albums for sale on the site including their new
LLAMALAMP album which is available now at their website
and some MP3s and their schedule links here.

The Oohs named Unsigned Artist of the Month
at Keyboard Magazine for November 2006!
Congratulations guys!





Steadman Website

Their music is free but you can contribute.



Looper Website

Their store is currently not up, but they
they do have three EPs with three songs each
for free download through their website.



Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie

Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie Dee-Vee-Dee

Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie Website

Their work is available for purchase and viewing/listening
on their website, and some free MP3s as well as singles
and albums available for purchase on their Ampcast page as well.

Their motto:

Please listen to our crap, enjoy our crap,
and most importantly BUY OUR CRAP!



Ringo Dee Star

Ringo Dee Star Website

There is a link to listen to the Ringo Channel on Live365 on the site.


The following Independent Artists do not currently
have websites, however, you can contact us and
and we will put you in touch with them:

Mark Fitzgerald (Cowboys album)
Bobby Horne
The Daltons
Danny Holland


Coming soon, Rhythm Kings Band
and others!

Your band could be here too!*

Other Independent Artist Music Sources on the Internet
that provide audio files unemcumbered with DRM

A guide to DRM free Living
Link provide a range of links pointing you toward online stores, video/music players, software and hardware that will help you take back your rights as a concerned customer and citizen.

* Please contact us by email if there are other sources for
Independent Artist music where listeners can get their music free of DRM.


If any of these sources change their policy regarding DRM.

Information on Music Sources and your Rights


We will list other Independent Artists as they are auditioned and
permission is granted by the Artists.

* If you are an Independent Artist who allows their music to be
freely downloaded, and/or would appreciate the free advertising
promotion on CNI Radio, please contact us by email.

Schedule could change without prior notice.
Any off the cuff changes,
will generally be announced in chat.
But any permanent changes will be listed here
as quickly as possible.

We hope you will tune in* and see what we have to offer
as we continue to build this station.
Please feel free to share your comments, questions, and suggestions,
and if you have some time,
feel free to join us in chat.

* You will need an audio player such as
Winamp*** (Windows)
or XMMS** (Linux).

** Check your linux distribution site or CDs for their installer

*** Our stream is dialup friendly running at 16kbps.
If you have trouble with any newer Windows audio players
you can get a copy of the older 2.9x version Winamp.


If you can't get the Listen Now link to work for you,
try copying and pasting the following direct
shoutcast address in your audio player's Play Location:


or our direct link to the main feed:



Link to CNI Radio

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